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Porthsea – 3mm scale – 1950’s/60’s BR (SR) – size 19.6” x 2’.6”
The current Southern Coastway and South West Portsmouth Direct train services terminate at Portsmouth Harbour with ferry connections to the Gosport and the Isle of Wight.
This model is built to a scale of 3mm to 1 foot, in response to the 50th anniversary celebrations of the 3mm Society, and is a portrayal of the Harbour station and the approaches to it as it was operated in the post nationalisation era using locomotives and rolling stock typical of the period. Various features of the locality have been incorporated into the model, specifically the war memorial, commercial road bridge, Dockyard gates and part of the Semaphore Tower building. An adaptation of the Royal Naval dockyard is included in the model, although with some modellers licence, includes its internal rail system and access to the national network from the “town” station.
Part of the challenge was to construct the layout from models and kits that can be purchased from the local model shop. The track is from the Peco HOm range, a little course for 3mm 1:100 scale, but matches the original 12mm gauge developed by Triang. Buildings are all made from adapted kits from continental manufacturers and the terminus station complex is scratchbuilt from plasticard, although the station building and footbridge has been adapted from Triang models.
There are no ready to run British outline locomotives and rolling stock, all those operated on the layout are built from scratch or kits with a few modified Triang items.
Addiston South – 4mm scale EM gauge, BR 1970/74 – 18’ x 2’ (Guest)
The layout is based on the line to Addiscombe in Croydon, which closed with the last train on 31/05/1997, Addiscombe station was the terminus of a two and a half mile branch line from Elmers End on the mainline to Hayes, the only other station on the branch was at Woodside this being the junction to Selsdon until 1984.
The station buildings and signal box are a copy of those at Addiscombe, although the carriage sidings along side the station have been retained the train shed has been replaced by a goods yard, the goods shed is based on Chichester goods shed, the yard still has oil and coal sidings, plus a loading dock for the busy warehouse which is based on one near to East Croydon station.
Passenger stock is mainly 3rd rail electric multiple units which work the half hourly shuttle to/from the mainline, the freights are worked by the usual over stocked range of locomotives consisting of 08, 33, 35, 42, 47, 73, the off region locomotives are used to work the p.w. and milk trains which have to reverse at Addiston South, rush hour empty stock is also stored here, so keeping the signalman (woman) busy.
Track is a mixture of SMP track and hand built points which are operated by Tortoise motors, 3rd rail is by PECO, most of the scenery is woodland scenics and, the buildings are constructed using Slaters or wills products.
The period for the layout is 1970-74 and is reflected by the stock, but I have tried to create the layout as I remember Addiscombe, sidings full of Emus warming in the sun, the smell of hot oil, the sound of compressors ticking away and, the friendly people in the signal box who always had a cup of coffee for you.