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Diesel and Electric Modelers United (DEMU)
Diesel and Electric Modellers United (demu) was formed in 1994 as an independent society catering for all modellers of the railways of mainland Britain in the Diesel and Electric era regardless of scale/gauge affiliations or modelling ability. We aim to promote all aspects of this period by exchanging information and ideas in our quarterly magazine 'UPDate' and our members-only web forum, which feature modelling and prototype articles on a wide range of subjects. We try to cover subjects not normally seen in the mainstream modelling press and aim to be as in depth, informative and as accurate as possible. All back issues of 'UPDate' are still available in compendium form. We have a network of Area Groups established across Britain that hold regular meetings and we hold an annual Showcase where the very best of diesel and electric era railway modelling may be seen. A scale drawing service is available to members, along with digest sheets on D&E related subjects. We are also working with various kit and RTR manufacturers to provide prototype information and market research on proposed new products.
Dinmore Manor locomotive group
3850 - a Collett development of G. J. Churchward’s incredibly successful 28XX-class and built at Swindon in 1942 . Returned to service in 2005, she has covered over 80,000 miles and steamed for over 1,200 days. Late 2015 saw her withdrawn by owners Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd for heavy overhaul, now well underway at Toddington on the GWSR.
DMLL are running a Sponsor a Part scheme throughout 2017, by which individuals
can help with costs of various parts for the locomotive so she can continue the ‘Dream of Steam’ alongside DMLL’s flagship loco, 7820 Dinmore Manor. With sponsorship from as little as £25 for a brake gear pin, there is something for everyone. Each sponsor receives an entry into a free prize draw with exclusive prizes from Day Tickets to Polo Shirts
Colonel Stephens Society
In the early decades of the last century, Colonel Stephens engineered, built and managed a unique empire of branch line railways up and down the country. They were built and run on a shoestring, mostly in accordance with the Light Railways Act of 1896. Each had its particular character as well as a distinctive family likeness that included remote locations, second-hand rolling stock and, towards the end of their often brief lives, a down-at-heel charm. They have always attracted the interest of railway enthusiasts, and now there is a society dedicated to feeding and exploring that enthusiasm.
Formed in 1985, the Colonel Stephens Society caters for enthusiasts of the highly charismatic railways engineered and/or managed by Colonel Holman Fred Stephens. Now, the society has grown to more than 300 members worldwide.
If you would like more details of the Society, please speak to our Representative on the stand or visit our website