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Adrian Coombs
Modelling Isle of Man tramways.
Adrian will this year be demonstrating modelling in 1:43.5 scale for a track gauge of 1’11 1/2” (0.54”). What he will be doing depends on what comes out of the box beneath the table! A loco, coach, wagon, track? Who knows? Needless to say something will be happening throughout the show. Virtually everything on display will have been scratch-built. The only items purchased being the raw materials. Plasticard, sheet brass, rod and tubular brass plus various sections of a variety of metals. Any questions are most welcome, especially if talked over a cup of tea!

Alan Hunt
from Wessex Armchair Modellers
Building Rolling Stock in 4 mm and 7 mm Scales. Having trouble with a kit? Want to try scratch-building? Alan Hunt will be demonstrating rolling stock construction techniques in both 7mm and 4mm scales, covering the use of plastic, white metal, etched brass and resin materials. This will include a display of completed and part completed models to illustrate the various aspects. Hopefully both beginner and experienced modellers will find points of interest.

Richard Cook
Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers (16mm = 1 foot)
Richard will have a display of models and demonstration of modelling in 16mm scale. There will be information about the Association with examples of their house magazine 16mm today. A video will be on show, featuring the garden railways of members in the Southwest. Richard will be happy to talk about the Association and the joys and rigours of ‘playing trains’ in the garden.

Chris Peacock
Chris has been building models for many years, spending the last 25 odd concentrating on 7mm Narrow Gauge. His three ‘Calstock’ layouts have and continue to gain appulaise and awards through out the country.  This show he is concentrating on the buildings to be used in his fourth new layout. He will be using materials more suited to structural building and is covering :- wood, plasti-card, resin, plaster materials and how they can be used to produce an structure that is above the sum of its components.
Ask to see the internal details!

John Hitchen